A Tarot Spread for Clarity and Direction


A few weeks ago I found myself mired in self-doubt. I was working on a new project and just wasn't connecting with my voice. What was I trying to say? And how on earth was I going to say it? I found myself going to familiar places and thinking the usual self-limiting thoughts. Maybe I had nothing to say. Maybe nobody was listening. What fun and supportive input, right?

Rather than wallow in self-pity (okay, maybe after wallowing in a teensy bit of self-pity...) I decided to make a tarot spread to find my way forward. I've found that tarot is both a health slap on the wrist in moments of doubt as well as a conduit for our true, growing selves to speak through. So if you're looking to bypass some of the hemming and hawing of your chattery ego and cut to some clarity, this spread is for you.

In fact, I was so helped by this spread that I forgot to post it. The depth of the reading combined with its advice were most definitely galvanizing. I would recommend, however, that you keep your inerpretations of each position short. Like any good advice, the messages from this spread are clear and concise. Hear what the cards have to say and follow through with some nice and energizing action.