Spring Equinox Ostara Tarot Spread for Growth and Self-Care

This tarot spread charts the seeds sprouting in your life right now and how to care for them as they grow into abundance.

Like all creatures in Spring, we use this time to wake up and direct our energy towards change and growth. This can be in new pursuits, frantic yet satisfying spring cleaning, travel, choices, and more. 

In this spread you'll map out a central area of growth in your life and learn how to care for it so that it can turn into something truly majestic. 

First, lay out all five cards face down. Take a moment to focus your energy and then flip over the first card.

This card represents the seed you've planted. It can be an intention, goal, or desire. You're likely already aware of it, so look to this card for further insight into its potential - how does it make you feel? What might it ask you to learn?

The second card, which you'll turn over next, represents what you need to do to care for this seed. Think of it as the water, fertilizer, and general maintenance needed to keep a plant growing healthily in a garden. Yes, dreams require work, too. Think of this, however, as direction for self-care and cultivation. Growth is a natural process, so all you need to do is nudge things along gently so that the bigger changes can occur on their own.

Move to the third card. This shows you the final manifestation of your seed - its full grown self. Look to this card for insight on the outcome and how it will effect your life. Compare with the first card to get a better perspective on the changes you'll be undergoing.

Next you'll turn over the fourth card. Here you'll identify what you can let go of - something that's no longer serving you and that needs to be tossed out as you do your spring cleaning. This can appear as an outdated idea, attitude, or goal.

Finally, turn over the fifth card to see what to embrace as you move forward. What will bring more joy, fulfillment, and pleasure to your life? Look to this card for guidance when it comes to making decisions - does your choice invite more of this energy into your life?