Exploring the Minor Arcana: The Kings

I think I’ve been dragging my feet with this final post on the court cards because I don’t want to be done with my card meaning dictionary! But it’s a new year and the time has come to tackle The Kings once and for all, so let’s get to it.

The Kings are a fascinating group of cards and deal with questions of authority, expertise, and leadership. Like the Queens they are fully in control of their suit and element, having learned to master it after years of study, dedication, and real-life practice.

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Weekly Forecast: January 7-13

I love the combination of flexibility and diligence animating this week's forecast. We're going to be thrown back into the fray of life, that's for sure. Yet where the wands can sometimes be led to quick burnout, the pentacles featured here serve to ground and stabilize us. Looking at our work and daily lives with creativity and determination can be invigorating, no matter how much we find on our to-do lists.

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Weekend Send-Off: Festive Winter

Okay, okay - it’s technically still fall, but it sure feels like winter to me! Especially with all the holiday preprations and events happening. Speaking of which, for those of you in the triangle area, I’ll be at the Holiday Patchwork Market this Saturday & Sunday reading tarot and selling gift certificates, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

This week has been a beautiful array of readings, mentoring sessions, and preparation for the market. I even spruced up my display and got a snazzy new tablecloth. What can I say, I’m living large.

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