Reading Tarot when You're a Skeptic

When I first started reading tarot I took a great deal of pride in being a skeptic. At the time this was more of a defense mechanism than healthy trait: I wanted to protect myself from being wrong, as if my beliefs might make me vulnerable to criticism.

Of course, this is partly true. Any belief can be subjected to questions. And, in fact, any belief should be questioned in my opinion. However, there seems to be a stark and unhelpful division between intuition and rationality, one that often prevents otherwise sensitive and intuitively gifted people from exploring this side of themselves.

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Gina WisotzkyComment
Weekly Forecast: October 28 - November 3

It's hard to feel satisfied this week. We have the antsy energy of the Seven of Pentacles starting us off: What is making us feel restless, as if we having unfinished business?

Looking for the bee in our bonnet is a worthy endeavor. The Seven of Pentacles shows a crucial point in our journey. Once we've created something noteworthy, it's important to sit with it and see what might need editing. The central point of reference here is our experience. How do we really feel about what we've accomplished? Does it work for us or are we working for it?

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