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Hello, my name is Gina and I'm the owner and tarot reader behind Incandescent Tarot. 

I've been reading tarot since the tender age of twelve after my mother bought me my first deck (I still use it for most of my readings today.)

As a person with an innate connection to the wild and mystical, tarot was a natural fit. I spent most of my early years outdoors, exploring the woods and fields around my rural Western Massachusetts home. I like to say I was a semi-feral child, fascinated by the rhythm and mysteries of nature and always looking for connections. 

Tarot became my ideal language and gateway to a place where I could access my intuition and a deeper understanding. But it was still a secret I kept close to myself.

After years of awkwardly trying to fit myself into various pinchy and limitng boxes (academia, business, people-pleasing) I serendipitously found myself reading for other people for the first time.

It was like nothing else I'd ever experienced. Usually proclamations like this make me suspicious, but I can tell you that the feeling I got reading for a few friends at a party and then regularly at a crowded bar was so beatuiful - a combination of exhilaration and deep connection and tenderness - that I haven't stopped since. 

Despite being a recovering “play-it-safe” person I knew that I had to follow this path, and here I am. It's strange, yes, and a much less conventional life than I ever imagined (thank goodness!) I consider myself lucky and constantly find myself delighted and overjoyed to offer the magic and healing of tarot to all kinds of differnet people, and hopefully, you. 

In addition to reading tarot, I also make natural perfume, practice Reiki, and am a solitary witch. You can find me at my home in lovely Durham, N.C. gardening, writing poetry, and cooking overly-ambitious recipes with my lovely partner and our ever-expanding family of creatures. I do hope you'll stop by for a reading if you're in the area.

I believe strongly in offering a safe, non-judgmental space to everyone and anyone curious about themselves, the world, and tarot. I do this through individual readings, classes, free resources, and mentorship. And above all I belive in connection, kindness, and the healing power of being seen. 

In my opinion, there's no better place to explore all these glorious facets of existence than through a tarot reading. We could all use a little more magic in our lives - let's make some together.



"Gina's readings are wonderfully insightful and warm. Tarot with her is like sitting with an old friend, one who, through the use of tarot's archetypes and symbols, is able to give you objective clarity on the thoughts currently occupying your mind."

- Liza C, Weaver