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Welcome to Incandescent Tarot

intuition & tarot for modern life

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Hello, I’m Gina, founder of Incandescent Tarot, and I’m so glad you’re here.

No matter what your background, tarot can be a powerful tool to shift your perception and open up new insights, no crystal collection required (though I’d love to hear about yours if you have one!)

From my studio tucked into the woods of Durham, North Carolina I craft inspiring tarot readings & lessons for people looking to creatively engage with life. My work focuses on identifying actionable steps and helpful insights from your readings or intuitive work - with no confusing esoteric jargon or disempowering predictions.

All of my clients share a desire to examine things deeply and include spiritual seekers, questioning skeptics, entrepreneurs, academics, writers, and more.


my sessions integrate intuition and tarot for

inspiration & clarity


What I Do

It’s my calling and joy to connect people with their intuition through personalized tarot readings, lessons, and spiritual guidance.

With eighteen years’ experience studying and reading tarot, three of them professionally, I use tarot and intuition-work to help connect you to your authentic self in all its unique glory.

It’s my goal to sweep away some of the spooky and dogmatic cobwebs around tarot and intuition, reintroduing them as tools for self-discovery anyone can use to live a more fulfilled & magical life.

intuitive tarot readings

Explore the deeper levels of meaning at work in your life. These readings are 30 and 60 minute explorations centered around you and your needs, conducted by appointment in-person or online. Identify key issues, map out goals, and leave with a sense of clarity, direction, and support. Bring a question, topic, or open things up with a general forecast.

resources & card meanings

Looking to learn the ins-and-outs of the cards? Wanting to develop a deeper relationship with your intuition? I’ve filled this site with information to get you started. From a comprehensive card meaning dictionary to tarot spreads, articles, and more, there’s something here for everyone. Happy exploring and best of luck in your tarot journeys.


Join a private community of people who share your interest in tarot, intuition, spirituality, and magic. The Incandescent Tarot Community is a place to follow my posts on my personal practice, connect with others, and join in discussions around card meanings, practices, rituals, and more.


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Dive Into the Cards

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What to Expect

Whether you're having a session at my studio in Durham, NC or online via Skype your experience is centered entirely around you.

My readings are enlivening, warm, and insightful, with more than a little humor & creativity thrown in the mix. I believe that a tarot reading is like a conversation where we both bring our experiences to the table.

No knowledge, beliefs, or mindsets are necessary to tap into the intuitive power of tarot. Bring your questions, confusion, inspiration, or joy. There’s room for it all and our session is 100% confidential and judgment-free.