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Welcome to Incandescent Tarot

intuitive tarot for modern life

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Hello there, i’m Gina -

professional tarot reader, teacher, & intuitive

I’ve been reading and studying tarot for eighteen years now and there’s nothing more I love than sharing its transformative power with others.

It’s my goal to sweep away some of the spooky and dogmatic cobwebs around tarot and reintroduce it as a tool for self-discovery anyone can use to live a more fulfilled & magical life.


my sessions integrate intuition, tarot, and planning for

inspiration & clarity

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what i do

No matter what your background, tarot can be a powerful tool to shift your perception and open up new insights, no crystal collection required (though I’d love to hear about yours if you have one!)

From my studio tucked into the woods of Durham, North Carolina I craft inspiring tarot readings & lessons for those looking to creatively engage with life and its myriad changes and challenges.

All of my clients share a desire to examine things deeply and include spiritual seekers, questioning skeptics, entrepreneurs, academics, writers, and more.

Explore tarot with:

intuitive tarot readings

Explore the deeper levels of meaning at work in your life. These readings are 30 and 60 minute explorations centered around you and your needs, conducted in-person or online. Identify key issues, map out goals, and leave with a sense of clarity, direction, and support. Bring a question, topic, or open things up with a general forecast.

tarot mentorship

Looking to learn the ins-and-outs of the cards? Confused by the overwhelming amounts of tarot information out there? Wanting to cultivate a tarot practice that’s right for you? Gain knoweldge and support on your journey into tarot and intuition with me as your resource and guide. Choose from existing courses or work with me to create a custom course.

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tarot maps - coming soon

Written readings centered around big, zesty questions: career paths, romance, life calling, and more. Each tarot map dives deep with exercises, tips, and a comprehensive overview of the cards.  Think of these as specially tailored maps of your life that you can refer to again and again.


Schedule a Session

In-persoN & online

Dive Deep with

tarot mentorship

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what to expect

Whether you're having a session at my studio in Durham, NC or online your experience is centered entirely around you. No knowledge, beliefs, or mindsets are necessary to tap into the intuitive power of tarot. My sessions are hands-on dialogues and explorations, not prescriptive (or boring) monologues!

Bring your questions, confusion, inspiration, or joy. There’s room for it all and our session is 100% confidential and judgment-free.


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