Welcoming April with a Monthly Tarot Spread


April surprised me this year. Maybe it was the double holiday of Easter and April Fool's that has me feeling thrown into things without even a chance to complete that sacred ritual: list making. But what's better than a list? A tarot reading, of course!

I created this little spread as a way to do a quick inventory and planning session for the month ahead. Use it for any month, of course, not just springy April.

I approached this spread with the intent of creating focus and clarity. I do love a diffuse, winding tarot reading, but one of my favorite facets of this practice is its ability to cut to the chase when needed.

Here you'll find a position for a simple theme of the month (think of this as the month's mission statement) as well as a card to represent ourselves as we're entering into this next cycle. From there the spread fans out into the key happenings we can expect and how best to approach them.

I hope this spread illuminates your path through the next few weeks more brightly. And please report back and share how it worked out for you and what you discovered!

Happy April and Happy Tarot Reading!