Weekly Forecast: April 2-8

Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Knight of Cups The Magician Ten of Swords

 When I turned over the three cards for this week I immediately thought of a word for each: direction, expansion, and decision.

This week has an abundance of clear and decisive energy. Whenever The Chariot appears we can be sure that we're ready for a challenge.  It's an easy card to place yourself in. The wind is at our backs and the reins are in our hands. As the heroes of our own stories, we've reached a place where we've become comfortable and confident in our skills and we're eager to go forth and test them in new situations.

I like the restless energy to this card. Imagine the anticipation at the start line before a race begins. We're flexing our muscles this week, figuring out the extent of our strength, and filled with ambition to use all the tools we've got. 

The Chariot also appears to give us a brief moment of contemplation before the race begins. What is it that's driving us? What hard-won skills and abilities are we excited to use and develop even further? Starting with this awareness gives us a better sense of why we're itching to get started. When we know what we're working with we have a better chance of directing our actions effectively and consistently. 

The Chariot, and this reading in general, deals with the mastery and integration of opposites, making it all the more wise to identify and cultivate awareness of the two ends of spectrum we're working with. In The Chariot we see how much power can be generated when we mindfully and willingly harness opposites, balancing, for example, traits like rest and action, acceptance and ambition, or complexity and certainty. Think of the reins of the charioteer. What opposites have you harnessed to drive yourself forward?

If this card seems a little intense and controlling, The World appears to show us that our very human effort to guide our opposing ideas, desires, and habits towards victory (driving a chariot with a tiger and a fox isn't easy, after all) has been worthwhile and immensely illuminating. The World is telling us that our struggles are sacred. Without them we wouldn't be able to break through to this new place of open possibility. In The World, opposites come together, melding and blending into a rich and dynamic tapestry. We can relax our grip and take in new vistas.

We can think of this card as a breakthrough where new, unforeseen, and even visionary possibilities present themselves. The World is a very complex, joyful, and nuanced card. Leaning into complexity and directing our gaze into the future will give us much more information and clarity than we had previously. 

Our goal this week is to simply take this all in. We end our reading with The Queen of Swords, a card that tells us we have a lot of sift through. Our minds are more than up to the task and these three cards paint a harmonious picture. Approaching this new information with clear eyes and a sense of flexible curiosity is giving us an opportunity to make healthy and invigorating changes. What's more, this card shows us that we're more than able to make choices that align with our desires and values. The Queen of Swords asks us to cut away all our needless doubt and confusion and let ourselves be led by our accomplishments, desires, and larger vision.