Tarot Cards for Summer

Rider Waite Tarot Card Reading with Flowers

Ah, Summer. What a langorous and wonderful season. School's out, work slows down, and people take their vacations. It's a time for enjoying life: delicious food, the joys of swimming, and happy time spent with friends and family.

So where does Summer show up in the tarot? According to most tarotists, the suit most assocaited with Summer is the cups. What's more summery than water and the loving, sensual feelings it carries with it? 

Summer also brings to mind relaxation, growth, connection, and unfurling. Below are some cards that I associate with this season. Look to these to gain a sense of time or to indicate these themes in your readings.

Six of Cups Rider Waite 

Ace of Cups

This card shows the effusion of good feelings that come with Summer. Think of the excitement of the last day of school and the openness of free time. Aces are beginnings and influxes of energy, so here we can see the refreshing feeling of Summer arriving on the scene. It's that beginning of the vacation feeling, a new romance, and the warmth that comes with spending quality time with others. When aces appear we can also be sure that a new adventure is about to begin. Here, it's through connection, love, and romance. Summer has a way of stripping us of inhibitions and this card sees us showing up fresh, available, and ready to connect.

Ace of Wands Rider Waite Tarot Card

The Hanged Man

This context taps into the "just chillin'" side of The Hanged Man. Here we can see relaxation, detaching from worry, and leaning into a state of ease. Much like we're able to unwind when the days get longer, we're less busy at work, and - of course - away from everyday life and on a vacation. This card also shows us that relaxation is an important ingredient to self-discovery. When we let our minds wander and give up on controlling things we also give other pieces of information and insight time to percolate and develop. And we leave space for people to seek us out and enjoy our undistracted presence.

Four of Wands Rider Waite Tarot Card

Nine of Pentacles

This card screams "garden party" to me, and indeed the Nine of Pentacles is the embodiment of hospitality. The garden she's cultivated is beautiful and open to whomever would like to stop by. This card shows us how generosity and sharing joy with others is an essential ingredient to success. Taking time to enjoy what's beautiful, pleasurable, and satisfying is an important part of life we can often overlook, foolishly thinking it's not important. Better yet, doing this with others builds community on good times and good will and has lasting effects we may not be aware of in the moment.

Seven of Pentacles RIder Waite Tarot Card

The Empress

The Empress is a card for late summer when the time has come to harvest what's ripe on the vine before the chill of fall arrives. She emulates the strength of preparation, respect and love for nature, and the abundance of knowing oneself. Of course, there are themes of fertility here as well. Think of this card when communing with nature, caring for your family, and pursuing pleasure for pleasure's sake. This card refers to the time when we celebrate the bounty of summer and start transitioning into fall and winter. 

What about you? What tarot cards do you find full of Spring energy? Share in the comments below.