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Reclaiming Sensuality with The Pentacles

The Pentacles often get a bad rap. Pigeonholed into matters of finance and career (they are also called coins, after all) these cards quickly become stagnant and stale. Where’s the romance? The passion? The adventure?

Yet the Pentacles have a hidden side, on that’s not always brought to light in tarot books. You might be surprised to hear that, of all the suits, I see the Pentacles as the most erotic of the bunch.

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Weekly Forecast: February 4-10

I like to think of the Aces as seeds. They appear in your life with natural excitement. You can feel their potential as they move closer, starting first as a glimmering idea in the distance - maybe like one of those charming seed catalogs with vintage illustrations - and transforming into a very real thing, young and curled up tightly in the palm of your hand. 

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Weekly Forecast: October 15-21

This week's reading is an affirming reminder of the power of community. The Three of Cups, sometimes referred to as the "party card," shows us that this time is full of celebration and collaboration. This is one of those happy cards whose advice is easy to follow: Let joy and festivity permeate your life. Not a hard pill to swallow at all!

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