Weekly Forecast: October 15-21

Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Three Card Reading

This week's reading is an affirming reminder of the power of community. The Three of Cups, sometimes referred to as the "party card," shows us that this time is full of celebration and collaboration. This is one of those happy cards whose advice is easy to follow: Let joy and festivity permeate your life. Not a hard pill to swallow at all!

The key of the Three of Cups, however, is a bit more complex than that. It asks us to consider where in our lives we experience ease - where (and with whom?) do we naturally and joyfully flourish? Sometimes we devalue these experiences thinking that they need to be more difficult in order to be legitimate. For example, ignoring a talent or passion because it's too easy. Like the myth of the starving artist or the business person who pulls themselves up by their bootstraps, we sometimes equate struggle with authenticity. This can lead to some dreary plodding and, perhaps fortunately, to unnecessary suffering.

Luckily, we have those closest to us to tell us where we truly shine. The Three of Cups is a deep card of relationship. When we see it in readings we're being asked to identify those close friends, family members, and allies who lift us up and amplify our confidence and happiness. They're the people who've seen us through tough times and know us well enough to let us know when we're striving against our nature or dimming our natural light. Seeing this card today is a reminder to value and uphold those connections with plenty of appreciation and shared joy. 

In consulting and celebrating with our trusted, like-minded souls we can gain a better understanding of just how far we've come and the position of power we're in right now. The Nine of Pentacles is another card that's deceptively simple at first glance. A true representation of abundance, it's easy to gloss this one over or complicate it unnecessarily. Interpretations run from "things are looking peachy financially!" to "decadence and complacency." What's more interesting about this card, however, is its exploration into the story behind our success.

This week we're in a cozy position of power. Not power over others or greedy hoarding or resources. We're actively caring for and cultivating a beautiful life that's glimmering for all to see. We're being supported by our community and in a position to make lasting changes in our careers and personal lives. In fact, this is a moment when the two are deeply intertwined, suggesting a close meeting of our values and actions. What we're doing is resonating with us on a deeper level, and that's something to truly celebrate. 

The hooded hawk perched on the top of the Nine of Pentacles shows the hard work and training that's brought us to this point. We've managed to harness our animal nature and make it work for us. These golden coins aren't ostentatious displays of success meant to make others jealous. They're a glowing invitation for others to come and join in our happiness. While we might struggle with this new-found sense of visibility (and vulnerability), the Three of Cups is here to ease our transition. Connecting with those we really trust will help shed light on our situation. Now is a wonderful time to share both our successes, plans, and even nervousness with our friends. They can remind us of the long path we've been following to get to this point and the lessons we've integrated along the way.

The Queen of Cups further illustrates how important all this happiness is. While we may be fighting against a protective instinct to remain small and invulnerable to criticism, this card shows us another way. We can be both powerful and available, emotionally present and prioritize our needs, kind and firm, and fully ourselves. This archetype is telling us that we can be gentle with ourselves and make time to joyfully honor our dreams and success. Using what feels good, right, and flows naturally as a compass we can navigate the stormiest waters. For now, however, it's sunny and smooth sailing.