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Weekly Forecast: October 15-21

This week's reading is an affirming reminder of the power of community. The Three of Cups, sometimes referred to as the "party card," shows us that this time is full of celebration and collaboration. This is one of those happy cards whose advice is easy to follow: Let joy and festivity permeate your life. Not a hard pill to swallow at all!

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Exploring the Minor Arcana: The Queens

Queens are having quite a cultural moment now, from the ubiquitous "Yaas Queen" (or Kween, Qween, etc.) to the trend of calling admired celebrities "Queens." And, indeed, who could resist this powerful archetype? 

The Queens in tarot share the work of ruling with the Kings. Though they are traditionally gendered as female, they can represent anyone who embodies their energies. As rulers they've mastered their suit but, unlike the Kings, they're more interested in expressing this power creatively rather than authoritatively. 

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Weekly Forecast: June 11-17

This week is brimming with hearty, enthusiastic energy, my peaches. We have the direct spelndor of The Sun, followed by the rich satisfaction and tenderness of the Queen of Wands. Things are unfolding beautifully and, in addition to being able to run forward with mindful enthusiasm, we're also being wise enough to take quieter moments to tend to ourselves and the ones we love. Take a moment right now to congratulate yourself. It's easy to overlook this step when things are going well; let's not miss this opportunity today.

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