Rider Waite Smith Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Queen of Wands


A truly magnetic and vivacious card, The Queen of wands harnesses the energy of fire with the curious and flexible attitude of a Queen. Always alluring and impassioned, this Queen is immensely talented at persuasion, galvanizing people into action, and making her dreams into reality. Additionally, this card has no qualms when it comes to defending themselves, their loved ones, and their ideas. Extroverted, confident, and visionary, The Queen of Wands can be trusted to bring any project or path to joyful fruition. 


A charismatic figure who is outspoken, brave, and enterprising. Blessed with a natural grace and ability to inspire others to action.


The Queen of Wands is well-liked by many and commands a great deal of power. She respects those who follow their passions, make things happen, and support others. If you fall out of her favor, however, she has no qualms about establishing hard and firm boundaries. Ever the optimist, she has fought hard for her happiness and will champion those seeking the same.