Weekly Forecast: August 27-September 2

Victorian Romantic Tarot Card Reading

The Knight of Wands is a charming character. Like all knights, they carry with them a sense of adventure, but this one in particular has the passionate zest of the wands behind them: their ideas are energizing, their enthusiasm is irresistibly contagious, and they promise change and distraction from the ordinary. 

Is there a catch to all this flashy brilliance? Why yes, there is, and this week we're seeing this card enacting both sides of its nature. First comes the alluring invitation to adventure. Knights represent youthful energy, and it's not the guileless innocence of early childhood. Instead, these cards are willful, idealistic, and impulsive. 

We might experience this card as a sense of restlessness, spiritual itchiness, or dissatisfaction in our lives. Wands are the suit of fire, so we can be sure that we're looking for quick fixes and immediate solutions that have an air of romance about them. We're finding ourselves entranced by ideas of escape from the ordinary like quitting our day jobs to travel the world or abandoning a project that's gotten difficult to take up a new opportunity. This could also show up in our love lives as we start to look at our partners, new or established, with a critical eye. The overarching message? We feel edgy so we should do something about it now!

Not so fast. While the Knight of Wands' message might be galvanizing, it runs the risk of fizzling out when put into action. In other words, we're using a new venture to run away from something that's already working for us. Maybe the reality of the situation feels boring, or we feel hemmed in by the commitment. Starting something new is the perfect way to distance ourselves, but we might be side-stepping what we really want and need.

The Two of Wands illustrates the escape fantasies that can come with boredom or over-familiarity. Looking at the card we can see that the main figure is living a life filled with riches. They're caressing lush feathers while standing on a castle parapet wearing luxurious finery, for goodness sake! Then why are they staring wistfully off into the horizon?

This card is a cheeky reminder that our fantasies are just fantasies. Instead of propelling us out of a tricky situation they're cheating us out of enjoying what we have. Are we growing bored with our fancy clothes, the beautiful castle we've built for ourselves, and the relationships that take place within its walls? 

And the bigger question beneath all this is, what feelings, desires, or wishes are we avoiding with all these plans and daydreams? 

The Queen of Cups is a reassuring and insightful card to end with and it shows us how we're actually sitting on top of a huge well of intuitive knowledge. We know, in our heart of hearts, that the situation isn't calling for wandsy action. Instead, this is a time to step back into our personal inner sanctum, that quiet space where we consult ourselves and then listen quietly for our own response.

Because we're not at a Knight's phase in this moment. And we don't want to initiate distracting change and get lost in new ventures. We're actually well on the way of a slower journey. We know ourselves better, and can identify, accept, and lovingly re-direct our anxious, eager reactions. The Queen of Cups shows us that underneath it all, we know where we're going, and our sense of direction is based on an indescribable knowing. We're feeling our way forward, not rationalizing or justifying it to anyone. 

Clarity is coming our way towards the end of the week, so all we need to do is recognize our eager, impatient Knight of Wands selves while making space for the insight of the Queen of Cups. And while we're at it, we can enjoy the wonders of our actual lives, returning the romance and value to what we've worked so hard to cultivate. There' so much to enjoy and treasure.