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Weekly Forecast: July 22-28

What do we do with our misfortune?

I'm sure you all have noticed the tarot card ominously occupying the center of our reading this week: The Tower. A tricky one, to be sure, this card hits us over the head with the upsetting inevitability of suffering. Painful things happen in life and no matter how much maneuvering or planning we do, we can't steer around it.

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Weekly Forecast: October 22-28

My oh, my. This week has us in a day-dreamy and romantic state! What begins as a simple idea - the loosely held sort that just pops into our mind - sends us off on a path of reverie and intrigue. These cards remind me of the power and shock that comes from effortless inspiration. Sometimes we play around with what seems like an outlandish idea only to see it jumping into reality with no issue at all.

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Weekly Forecast: July 9-15

We walk into this week on the tail of a big conclusion whose consequences haven't left us quite yet. Endings are big and take up a lot of space, both mentally and emotionally. The Ten of Swords is a powerful card that shows both the pain and relief that comes when something has run its. It may not have become what we originally dreamed it would, but leaving it behind is still bittersweet. When things end we say goodbye both to the reality that came to be and the dream we held for the future that was never realized.

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