Weekly Forecast: November 27-December 3

Tarot del Fuego 3 Card Spread Tarot Reading

This week's cards are practically singing from the rooftops with clarity, energy, and affection. We have a clear conduit for our deeper, feeling selves that is allowing us to channel our emotions into practical action and important mental breakthroughs.

 Just look at the elemental gorgeousness in these lush cards from the Fountain Tarot. They paint a lovely and straightforward illustration that I see as the deep and nourishing waters of our feelings (The Queen of Cups) emerging into the ground and growing (The Knight of Pentacles), then finally blooming into light and clarity with the Ace of Swords. 

This is an excellent time to examine what it means for us to know things, both within our minds and our bodies. Where does our inspiration spring from? What path does it take before it emerges into the world? I like to think about this process as a beautiful secret we can't even put into words. We know it when we feel giddy and bright and can't help but smile slyly knowing that a special change is just around the corner.

Caring for our sense of wonder and the unique mystery of our creative process will bring us a sense of peace and excitement. There's no need to rush things. The only suite missing here is the Wands, showing us that this week is made for a slower, less frenetic way of being. Easing into our selves and feeling ourselves is what will feed our minds. We'll likely be aware of something brewing under the surface, detectable in more subtle ways, before it bursts forth into the sun into the clear cut and unmistakable. 

The Knight of Coins (aka Pentacles) urges us to stay in the moment and diligently care for our swirling potential. Think of tending a garden - using the rhythms of nature to direct your work and showing up every day to snip here, pull up a weed there, or plant a seedling here. Sustained, mindful, and healing practice will grant us a sense of satisfaction as well as the room to grow without pressure. 

By gifting ourselves this space to let our feeling selves bubble up we can care for ourselves and enjoy our lives at the same time. Revolutionary, I know! And springing from this flowing and earthy energy is the ray of sunshine that is the Ace of Wands. We can look forward to a mental breakthrought at the end of the week, one that will light up our lives and clear a path to our next, exciting step. 

Underneath it all is the beautiful wholeness of the Queen of Cups. Now is a time to show our love both to ourselves and the world around us, knowing that its expression is deep and sustaining, meant to multiply joy and offer healing and regeneration.