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Weekly Forecast: October 1-7

Sometimes we look at situations far too seriously. It's an easy thing to do. Challenges deserve attention and scrutiny, don't they? Isn't it our job to bravely face them, head on and ready to go?

One of the things I love most about the suit of swords is their wise depiction of the challenging world of our thoughts. Like a sword, we can wield them with power and conviction, cutting paths for action and giving ourselves the clarity of direction. Or, you know, we could wave them around, cutting other people, and, more commonly, ourselves. 

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Weekly Forecast: July 23-30

The way we live these days it's easy to feel like we don't have enough. How often are we taking in messages about consumption without even knowing it? I think back to my great grandmother. We still have a set of china that belonged to her in the family. It's a huge set, from back in the day when having a gravy boat that matched your soup tureen (who still uses those?!) was the pinnacle of class and sophistication.

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Weekly Forecast: July 2-8

This week we have some big themes at play and things are not what they seem at the surface. The Devil is appearing to show us that we've been feeling pulled back towards some bad habits. Though we know they're not the best for us, there's a perverse comfort in their familiarity and sense of ritual. Like gorging in junk food, it feels good in the moment, but there's a massive stomach ache looming in the future.

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