Weekly Forecast: September 9-15

Three Card reading fountain tarot king of wands three of swords seven of cups citrine

We have a mixed forecast for this week, dear friends. There's the heartbreak of the Three of Swords and the emotional indecision of the Seven of Cups. If this were the weather, I'd say we have clouds mixed with thunderstorms on the horizon. Fortunately, however, we have the determined energy of the King of Wands leading us through.

So what does this card instruct us to focus on? In a way, the Three of Swords and Seven of Cups show us the complex combinations of thoughts and emotions that make life both challenging and interesting.

What do we do when the going gets tough? The King of Wands couldn't be a more empowering archetype. We are prepared to handle this and then some. We've outgrown our tendency to get swamped by turmoil and challenge; that doesn't mean, however, that it'll be easy.

I feel like the King of Wands is starting our reading for a reason. As we launch into the week it's important to have a nice heart-to-heart with ourselves, particularly our ambitious and willful side. The King of Wands is a character who knows what they want and relishes the opportunity to flex their muscles and fight for it. Not in an exhausting way, but in a way that reflects their worldview - think of the thrill of the hunt or the satisfaction of completing a tough workout.

Some helpful King of Wands questions to consider: What am I working for right now? What strengths and accomplishments tell me that I can surmount these challenges easily? Think of yourself as an intrepid adventurer (perhaps one who was so dashing and daring they became a King) - why would you expect challenge to derail you when you've done so much to work with, through and around it?

Sometimes this is a wonderul opportunity to retell your story. Be as big and bold as the King of Wands. Spin a yarn, one where you're the protagonist. A little ego here is a good thing - same goes for faith in your abilities and vision.

Why am I doubling down so hard on the heroic, jazzy King of Wands? Because the other energies this week are murky and difficult. Some old wounds are getting kicked up with the Three of Swords and it's making us question our path, decisions, and abilities.

There are, however, lots of options. Ending on the Seven of Cups shows us mulling them over, wondering what to do next, which is why I'm endorsing the King of Wands so thoroughly. Has the challenge of the Three of Swords really shook things up so much that our plans have been pushed to the side? I sure hope not.

Use this energy this week to rally around yourself and prioritize your goals. The King of Wands is more than strong enough to commit to this vision no matter the stickiness that arises. Let's make the delibration of the Seven of Cups a temporary pause, not a halt to the bold path we're charting for ourselves.