Weekly Forecast: August 5-11

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The coming days have us struggling to reconcile the uncertainty of our future with the conviction of our inner calling. We're moving towards some unstable territory - the good old fashioned unknown.

What tools are we bringing with us? It's the restless intellect of the Knight of Swords and the headstrong charisma of the Queen of Wands. Not too shabby. So why is the Five of Coins appearing next?

Ruin and misfortune are serious topics. Yet they're also scene-stealers. We can bring them up (and, unfortunately, other can as well) to derail any future movement away from what's familiar. This most commonly comes up around money: what if we become destitute, ruined, and make a fatal error?

The fact that this line of thought often goes to the catastrophic so quickly is a big hint: Anxiety might be leading this inquiry instead of prudence or wisdom.

Let's return to our court cards because they're showing us something fairly new and radical. The Knight of Swords, an intrepid seeker, is moving away from the Five of Coins. We can see he's struggling uphill against some force, yet his path is a gorgeous rainbow array of colors.

This week it appears that we're moving away from old, apocalyptic ideas about money and pioneering new, more authentic territory. It's not easy, that's for sure, but there's a huge well of energy and inspiration keeping us moving and motivated.

What fearful ideas around money and material security are coming up for us now? Where might they originate from? How are they helping or hindering our growth? Taking time to explore these questions will help ease our path forward and shed some light into an area that's often tangled with expectations from society, our cultures, and our families.

It can be frightening to step away from the traditional ways of doing things or to find that you value a security that's outside of the norm. Fortunately, the norm is so restrictive that there is so much outside. The energy this week could manifest itself in the desire to take some time off, relax instead of pushing through a new project, or, on the more extreme end of the spectrum, start taking a new career path more seriously.

Whatever form it takes for you, the radiant Queen of Wands is right in the center, mediating between the passionate questioning of the Knight of Swords and the doom and gloom of the Five of Coins. This powerful archetype is directing us to center our decisions around ourselves and to make them with the goal of amplifying our joy, reach, and energy.

Perhaps the Five of Coins, after a small crisis of confidence, is simply a reminder that you'd feel more confident and free after paying down your credit card debt and then investing in a new course. Rather than swinging to the worst case scenario - being evicted out on the street because you spent money on something you're interested in! - this card brings us to our center. What makes us feel best. It's usually a combination of things, and we're the only ones who can figure out the right mixture.

Additionally, this card highlights a more tender aspect to our reading. You'll notice that the Five of Coins in the only card with two figures. There can be closeness in suffering, and it's worth asking whether adhering to some limiting or anxiety-producing ideas about what you can have or do is keeping you close to someone

The Queen of Wands asks us to consider what we really want and to expand into the reality that going for it in a balanced way will open us up further to both ourselves and the people around us.

And, finally, let's take one last look at the Knight of Swords. With his back turned towards the Five of Coins, he's asking new questions and bravely pushing towards his own truth. It seems like we're ready to chart our own path and discover answers that are more complex, radiant, and truthful for ourselves. .