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Exploring the Minor Arcana: The Knights

I have such a soft spot for the Knights in tarot. They have so much verve and energy! These are not a group of cards interested in concepts or abstractions. They want to get down and dirty, engaging with life in the hands-on, adventuresome style of someone on a mission. While the Pages are eager students, the Knights might be someone who lists "School of Life and Hard Knocks" on their facebook education section. They want to learn by doing and they're already diving into the task at hand.

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Weekend Send-Off: Back in Action

I'm back from a rejuvenating vacation and happy to be blogging again! Though in honesty, it's quite the transition going from leisurely beach walks to the ins-and-outs of my work schedule. I've been talking with so many people about the healing magic of being near the ocean. Durham, for all its warmth and wonder, isn't quite close enough for my tastes, so being at my family's home in Cape Cod was a huge pleasure.

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Weekend Send-Off

 This upcoming full moon and eclipse has had me feeling all sorts of loopy. I've either been sleeping soundly or not at all, tackling piles of work with focus or running around distractedly. Variety is the spice of life, right?

I'm also nose-deep in an epic website redesign that's bringing out all my persnickety tics. This mainly focuses around words. What words do I use to describe my business and offerings? (To my left is a spread of notecards with buzzwords on them... and a plate of blueberry pie.) 

Amongst all these happenings have been some lovely highlights...

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