Rider Waite Smith Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Knight of Pentacles


What a solid, trustworthy looking card! The Knight of Pentacles flourishes in work, finances, and planning. As the most practical of the Knights, this card knows how to get things done and has the focus and vision to see their task through to the end. They can, however, get too engaged with their missions, neglecting to reach out to others, take chances, or abandon ship if their actions aren't aligned with their true wishes. 


A youthful person who values stability, hard work, and engaging with life in a hands-on way. The Knight of Pentacles is often concerned with career, the home, and making something of themselves.


This Knight represents dependable characters who want to create a life that supports them. They don't tend to like change, quick decision-making, or risk-taking and think conservatively (not necessarily in a political sense!) You can rely on the Knight of Pentacles to have a grounded approach to life and give good advice. They also have a wonderfully earthy sensuality and like enjoying the physical pleasures of life.