Weekend Send-Off

Instagram / @chalametinart

Instagram / @chalametinart

 This upcoming full moon and eclipse has had me feeling all sorts of loopy. I've either been sleeping soundly or not at all, tackling piles of work with focus or running around distractedly. Variety is the spice of life, right?

I'm also nose-deep in an epic website redesign that's bringing out all my persnickety tics. This mainly focuses around words. What words do I use to describe my business and offerings? (To my left is a spread of notecards with buzzwords on them... and a plate of blueberry pie.) 

Amongst all these happenings have been some lovely highlights...

Artful Exploration - You Are Here at NCMA

I finally got myself over to the North Carolina Museum of Art to catch the last day of this amazing exhibit featuring visually captivating art, most notably an infinity room by Yayoi Kusama that has become the selfie-background du jour. But you know what, it is genuinely gorgeous and should be enjoyed by the masses, so I take back my reflexive judgy tone there! (Also, my insecurity could be stemming from my selfie-ineptitude - I couldn't get the right angle and caved under the pressure!) 

Pure Brilliance - Timothee Chalamet in Art

My friend and I watched a matinee showing of Call Me By Your Name in New Orleans. I was not expecting to be filled with indescribable joy at the lush, pure-hearted eroticism between Elio and Oliver while surrounded by very uncomfortable senior citizens, but it was a magical experience nonetheless. And Call Me By Your Name is by far my favorite movie of the year.

So when this instagram account dedicated to images of Timothee Chalamet photoshopped into classical art I nearly exploded. I may or may not have downloaded one of their wallpapers for my desktop, too...

Repeat Tarot Card

This week has been fairly diverse when it comes to tarot cards. No one card has popped up to set the mood which is... interesting. Perhaps a reflection of the big changes coming our way in the eclipse? Mystery abounds!

Listening, Reading, Watching

I finally dove into this collection of stories by Angela Carter. Most famous for her subversive retellings of fairy tales, Carter is an amazing writer. You know the feeling when you pick up a book, start reading, and are lifted to another world? It's indescribably refreshing, especially when the writer has a playful mastery of language and a sense of humor. I didn't know how much I needed this until I picked it up!

How about you? What has been bringing joy to your life this week? And finally, here it is - our card for the weekend.

Minors Swords Knight.jpg

The Knight of Swords


Message: Follow your ideas, test them out in real time, and find exhilaration in questioning the status quo.

Embrace: Communicating your ideas with fellow seekers (but keep it to your "indoor voice" - this knight can be unintentionally rude and crusading!)

Let Go Of: Absolutes - what might be hidden in even your truest convictions?

Guidance: We can travel so far in our minds, leaping over obstacles and stumbling blocks with creative thinking.