Weekly Forecast: July 30 - August 5

Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Spread with Green Calcite and Plants

It's always a delight when I pull one of the moon phase cards in the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot from Uusi Design Studio. This week we have the waxing gibbous moon as the center of our reading. It's beautiful, mysterious, and in the process of becoming fully illuminated. Similarly, we're in the midst of a wonderful period of self-discovery that's awash with equal parts energy and mystery.

On either side of this alluring moon we have two very different cards whose meanings are wonderfully complimentary. For starters, The Fool is sauntering into the week bringing their adventurer's sense of possibility. In contrast with the Knights, who are more ego-driven and intense seekers, The Fool has a refreshing selflessness and innocence. When we see this card we can know that we're heading towards uncharted territory that requires us to shed expectations about the path ahead as well as ourselves.

In order to take advantage of this new journey we need to travel light. In the days leading up to this week we've been doing some heavy shedding. Though this metaphor might be a little gross, it is very much like a dog shedding their winter coat or a bird moulting their feathers. We've been letting go of some stale ideas and choosing the few tools we need to get by. This leaves a lot of space for us to grow and expand.

We may, however, be feeling a bit empty and unsure. That's completely okay and part of the process. The Fool is a card that shows us the importance of taking a leap of faith, trusting in ourselves and our instincts to catapult us into the next level. It's worth remembering that we have everything we need to move forward with us right now. This card's lesson is that sometimes we have to brush aside some of the dust and burdens we've accumulated to get to our true self and true potential.

Embracing the energy of The Fool means taking our desires and wishes seriously. They may appear a bit outlandish to others, but that's none of their business. Our dreams are ours to pursue; they only need to make sense to us and us alone. And yet we won't be alone for long. 

The big leap we're taking is leading us towards important co-collaborators. There's a like-minded group of allies on the other side and we'll be able to dive into planning and building quite soon. The Three of Pentacles shows us this satisfying period of creation and connection. What's more, it brings the ever-important grounding energy of earth. Our Fool's path is doubly affirmed here. Not only do we have pure, self-guided intentions, but we're connecting with others to make them a reality rather than staying lost in the clouds. 

So what of the shimmering moon? It's glowing from the center of our reading to remind us to take it easy and to let our vision unfurl naturally. Time is the essential ingredient for our plans right now. Like a waxing gibbous moon, things are slowly coming into light. Now is a time to watch, listen, and notice how we're feeling during the transition. The work we've done to put ourselves in The Fool's shoes was no small task. Resting and simply feeling what it's like to be here now - before the work and toil begins - is a beautiful opportunity to integrate these big changes and celebrate what we've just put into motion.