Rider Waite Smith Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Knight of Wands


A fiery, charming card, The Knight of Wands illustrates the eagerness, verve, and passion behind a galvanizing task or adventure. This card is all about action and is not content sitting things out on the sidelines. In many ways, the Knight of Wands is like a shot of espresso. Things are going to accelerate fast, though without direction or foresight things can get needlessly complicated.


A youthful and alluring person who thrives under pressure, likes to champion new ideas and causes, and can use their natural charm to get just about anything.


The Knight of Wands is pretty irresistible at first glance. They're bursting with enthusiasm, are the life of the party, and spice things up with their unique ideas and harebrained schemes. On the flip side, they don't do well with repetition, routine, or too many expectations. They like to ride onto the scene as the hero and will ride off just as quickly once things settle down, in search for their next adventure.