Weekly Forecast: May 13-19

Three Card Reading Rider-Waite

We have a nice and uplifting forecast for the week ahead. It's not a time for intensity, hand-wringing, or choice fatigue, though if those are present in our lives (as they often are) we have these cards encouraging us to skip in another direction. And what direction might that be? One that points towards a passionate engagement with ourselves.

The Lovers is a card few people would turn down. The name, the imagery - it's all delightful and carries a romantic overtone that's often missing in everyday life. But who says that has to be the case? As a major arcana card, The Lovers also asks us to elevate our understanding our our situation. Is something boring, quotidian, or frustrating really all it seems?

Even more excitingly, this powerhouse card is followed by the Ace of Swords and the Queen of Cups. I've often written how The Lovers, in addition to romance, deals with the theme of choice. Here, we have two cards that often get stuck at opposite ends of a spectrum: The intellectual breakthrough of the Ace of Pentacles and the intuitive expertise of the Queen of Cups. This week, however, our real choice is between engaging in old routines that uphold this false dichotomy and reaching for something wilder, bigger, and yet-unexplored.

In other words, it's time to go for it. Now, whatever that 'it' is will vary for each of us, but common themes will be that it seems somehow too radical, too much, and too romantic. We might find ourselves thinking that the seed of a new idea - The Ace of Pentacles - can't coexist with a peaceful and emotionally integrated self. Or that being practical necessitates sacrificing our more soft, spiritual side. 

The Lovers says, with loving candor, that that's all utter ridiculousness. If we don't choose our higher path, one that says all parts of us belong together and that we can fashion something authentic out of our unique selves, how can we say with any certainty what's possible? 

This card also tends to appear during pivotal moments of expansion - times when we break from the pack to do our own thing. At first this can seem foolish and risky, but, as major arcana cards emphasize, we only need to answer to ourselves. In other words, when making big moves like this it's key to prioritize our own opinions, desires, and instincts. 

In this case, we have both the exhilarating newness of an idea and the mature self-possession of the Queen of Cups. What magic can we create with this combination? Something truly singular and toe-curling, that's to be sure. So take the next step, trust yourself, and dare to move ever so slowly (or quickly) into the wild future you'd like to build.