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Weekly Forecast: July 29 - August 4

Ah, dear friends, this week's forecast is very specific and clear: It's an important time to think about how we try to mask our feelings through decadence. Whether it's spending, sex, affection, food, or any other sensual activity, we're running the risk of overindulging in these areas to cover up some bittersweet endings active in our life.

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Exploring the Minor Arcana: The Queens

Queens are having quite a cultural moment now, from the ubiquitous "Yaas Queen" (or Kween, Qween, etc.) to the trend of calling admired celebrities "Queens." And, indeed, who could resist this powerful archetype? 

The Queens in tarot share the work of ruling with the Kings. Though they are traditionally gendered as female, they can represent anyone who embodies their energies. As rulers they've mastered their suit but, unlike the Kings, they're more interested in expressing this power creatively rather than authoritatively. 

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