Weekly Forecast: March 11-17

Three Card Reading Spolia Tarot

What does it mean to make ourselves at home in the world?

The Eight of Wands shows us just how much is happening around us: movement, choices, people, energies, and more. The scenery changes so often - how do we know where we belong or where we even are?

The Queen of Pentacles asks us to turn away from all this and focus inward. The wildness is optional, after all, or at least a large portion of it is. Pretending we can take it all in and still function is a true fool's errand and a surefire recipe for overwhelm. 

 Wherever we go, there we are. Usually people use it to curtail any escapist fantasies. Moving to a new town still means we're bringing our same old selves with us.

But what if we look at this saying from a gentler standpoint, one centered in the nurturing lushness embodied by the Queen of Pentacles. No matter where we go or what happens, we will always have ourselves to turn to. 

What if our vantage point, our body, and our true self was the home we could come to again and again? This week is the time to direct all our love, respect, and care towards tending to it. 

Because life continues to careen forward, as we can see with the Eight of Wands. If we're not careful, all this action can take us away from ourselves, spinning us away from our center and sweeping our feet off the ground. It's better to care for ourselves and invest in the things that make us feel whole, like our life is enough. We are enough. So that these wild currents of life, with all their tempting options and additions, can swirl around us and not sweep us away.

Doing this can be wonderfully practical. After all, what group of cards is more about combining the practical with the magical than the pentacles? Pay attention the home within as well as the literal home you find yourself in. Feather your nest, spend time being cozy, use your space as a sanctuary where you can regroup and stretch into the corners of your full self. 

The amazing byproduct of all this is that the frenetic pace of the Eight of Wands can be transformed into the stable Two of Wands. Here, instead of advanced and complicated plans unfurling quickly, we have the oh-so achievable luxury of using our life and our sense of self as a solid foundation to explore options. 

Whatever we add to our lives must be in service of the important magic we're already cultivating. Anything else is just a distraction and we deserve our full attention.