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Weekly Forecast: July 1-7

The energy for this weeks starts off ponderous and heavy. We're clearly taking our lives very seriously, considering the traditional viewpoints of The Hierophant that initiate our reading. Yet, as we can see from the undignified face-plant of the Ten of Swords, these ideas and strategies have reached far beyond any semblance of helpfulness. In fact, they've overtaken our sense of self, and now we must contend with a back full of swords.

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Weekly Forecast: May 20-26

Can ambition and peace coexist? We certainly don't get many stories that reflect this situation. Usually, ambition appears as a single-minded crusade of sorts, a headlong and determined walk towards greatness. Sure, there may be some pitfalls along the way, but only ones that bolster the larger arc of growth. No matter how much slogging the hero endures, they end up on top, all the richer. 

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Weekly Forecast: April 22-28

This week, my friends, is all about rethinking our relationship to change. It's a topic that's long overdue for editing and fresh energy, as these cards show so clearly. Just look at the polarized options springing forth from The Wheel of Fortune! The next few days give us the calming opportunity to bring some space and shading into a formerly black-and-white corner of our world.

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