Weekly Forecast: July 1-7

Three Card Reading Rider-Waite Tarot The Hierophant, Seven of Wands, Ten of Swords

The energy for this weeks starts off ponderous and heavy. We're clearly taking our lives very seriously, considering the traditional viewpoints of The Hierophant that initiate our reading. Yet, as we can see from the undignified face-plant of the Ten of Swords, these ideas and strategies have reached far beyond any semblance of helpfulness. In fact, they've overtaken our sense of self, and now we must contend with a back full of swords.

The spikier cards (usually the swords, no surprise there) can sometimes dominate a reading, making their themes seem overarching when they're just one voice in the chorus. Such is the case here, since the Seven of Wands concludes the week. It seems that we're jumping up from the injuries and pressures of the Ten and back into action quite quickly.

In other words, we're more than ready to change our orientation and get back in the fray.

A rewind is in order: What big societal, familial, and/or traditional pressures are causing us to collapse? This will hold the key to our rebound and rejuvenation.

The Ten of Swords suggests that we're at the point in a long process of healing when we've reached critical mass. We have no choice but to confront and let go. Beautifully, it looks like we're more than ready to do so. Our healing has progressed far beyond our past struggles; now is the time to tap into our budding wands energy and counter our internal pressures with external, creative action.

Over thinking and intense self-awareness will only hold us back. We might want to explore how we use these strategies to keep ourselves stuck in a familiar place of under-performance. The Hierophant here seems to be running that show (we can see his red robes sliding from the prone figure's shoulder in the Ten of Swords.) What old and external pressures are beginning to leave our lives? Or, at least, feel inauthentic? Now is the time to examine how they've wounded and shaped us and, most importantly, to say our goodbyes.

In case this ponderous energy seems too much, the Seven of Wands is here to remind us of how much energy and excitement there is in our daily lives. This card asks us to channel the angst and pain from The Hierophant and the Ten of Swords into our pursuits, whether they're creative, professional, or physical. What are we doing for ourselves that makes us feel light and alive?

This card tells us that our lives are our masterpieces: In creating and caring for them we show ourselves how powerful we can be, and how we can free ourselves from the limitations of beliefs that have never been ours to begin with.