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Weekly Forecast: July 1-7

The energy for this weeks starts off ponderous and heavy. We're clearly taking our lives very seriously, considering the traditional viewpoints of The Hierophant that initiate our reading. Yet, as we can see from the undignified face-plant of the Ten of Swords, these ideas and strategies have reached far beyond any semblance of helpfulness. In fact, they've overtaken our sense of self, and now we must contend with a back full of swords.

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Weekly Forecast: September 3-9

This is a week full of opportunity for us if we choose to reach out and take what's being offered to us. Of course, starting with the Ace of Pentacles is a welcome beacon of potential and promise. Look at this singular, shining coin! And yet taking gifts when they're offered isn't as easy as it may seem. Many of us struggle with accepting good things. Sometimes we're afraid of the spotlight - that we look greedy or boastful - and sometimes we're afraid of growing into something bigger.

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