Weekly Forecast: June 17-23

Three Card Reading Rider-Waite

This weekly forecast is asking us to embrace the spirit of newness. It's a refreshing change of energies, a shift from the traditional mindset of The Hierophant to the creative action of The Magician.

While it's important to gather information, study, research, and look to existing options, that energy can quickly become stultifying. Where do we, in all our unique glory, fit in? 

Plus, we can always learn more.  At what point, however, does this become a placeholder for the actual steps we need to follow if we want to be out in the world, making our dreams come true?

There's a sense of safety that comes from planning and tradition. These paths and places are known quantities. There are rules, examples, pre-ordained paths to follow. 

Our cards right now are giving us a little push out the door right now. We're ready to start practicing things in the big old world on our own. Embracing this shift in energy will be quite fun and energizing. The Magician sings when he's creating in the moment. With all of the tools of tarot laid on his table, he knows that he has all the pieces he needs to make something truly great. 

So, if anything, this is a time to learn by doing, to break free from any blueprints that don't quite feel right, and to bring our plans into conversation with the larger world. We can learn by doing and put our skills, talents, and interests front and center. 

What do we need to further our own vision right now? What are we itching to start, experiment with, or make happen? Anything that falls outside of this realm - especially the lovely distractions - can take a break out of the spotlight for now. This is a time to put ourselves in the center and get to working some magic. It's all leading to a new found sense of clarity in the Ace of Swords, so let's enjoy the ride and see what we're capable of.