Weekly Forecast: June 10-16

Three Card Reading Rider-Waite

What do we really want?

Sometimes this answer to this question can seem mysterious and elusive. Life gets busy and convention and responsibility take over. It's a cycle that repeats itself over and over. We can't feel secure until we know the contours of our lives, yet we also crave the promise of the unknown and need creative license to reshape our lives when we hear a new future calling.

This week's reading shows us at the beginning of a new cycle of exploration. It's no surprise after weeks of heady and inspiring readings. Something's building to a crescendo and now we're here with The World leading the way.

Already we can see that a central theme of our new desire for change is about expansion and ease. If we're been carrying around baggage about scarcity, stifling duty, or the toxic romance of unnecessary or perpetual struggle, now is the time to shake it free vigorously.

When The World shows up it's a sign that there's big and beautiful work to do. And that it's the kind of work that flows with the ease of authenticity and brave desire. It is, in other words, time to get to doing what we'd really love to be doing. To go after what we truly want.

Sometimes a huge obstacle to this next step is the false idea that we have to choose one or the other: freedom or stability, creativity or safety, passion or tradition, acceptance or individuality.

I could go on and on.

But we don't have to cosmic and personal cards like The World and The Lovers here for no reason. Together, these cards almost slap us in the face with a much-needed wakeup call: Choosing our biggest, most beautiful future opens us up to the world itself.

The only "having it all" is being all of our true selves. Doing that lifts up our relationships, communities, and work. It's not irresponsible to prioritize our spiritual and creative growth and wellbeing. It only amplifies and feeds our energy and reach.

So, if we're feeling a bit shy about what we want, maybe making excuses - not allowing ourselves to even think about it - or have gotten so far that we've rationalized away our internal messaging, now is the time to stop all that.

It can be so simple, which is why the Ace of Wands is our final card. Both the beginning of a new cycle and the spark of limitless potential, the Ace of Wands shows us that the next step forward is doing what feels good. In our case, what feels good in a cosmic, toe-curling, personal level.

It can start small, taking the next steps, starting the new thing, or simply getting back in touch with our sense of what's right for us. Our task right now is to stoke and feed the fire, building small actions on top of each other until we have a raging and impressive bonfire of wands.

This is a time of few wrong choices if we can make them in service of our wild, lush, and unique growth. Don't be surprised if it reflects back on itself, building warmth quicker than we can even imagine.