Weekly Forecast: June 3-9

Three Card Reading Rider-Waite

This week's forecast shows a lovely and welcome breakthrough. Whenever we see The World we can be sure that the clouds are parting and welcome, joyous perspective is on the way. 

Our experience of The World is deeply connected to the suit of cups, a truly beautiful combination. 

It's a time to let our relationships propel us towards new horizons. What is it about another person - romantic partner, friend, or new acquaintance - that allows us to dream bigger?

Coming into contact with others shows us how the world can be different. We can observe new habits, outlooks, beliefs, personality traits, and often what we're most enamored with is something we'd like to cultivate within ourselves.

This is a week to reach out and revel in the connections that spring forth naturally. The Two of Cups is a very genuine card. We're drawn to those who make us feel good. It's as simple as that.

(Or, to be a bit snarky, we're healthily drawn to people that feel good! Other attractions do not apply in this reading ;)

How do we know this? Well, in addition to the Two of Cups' positive meaning, this card is paving way for The World in our reading. That is, spending time with people who lift us up and inspire us will quite literally broaden our horizons.

Stay alert for new and exciting opportunities, collaborations, and unexpected growth.

When we have cups and The World in a reading, it's a sure sign that our intuition and instincts are humming along with beautiful efficiency. Crippling doubt, over-planning, and needless anxiety can all be cordially dis-invited from this party! There's a strong current of joy and expansion that's more than capable of sweeping us away from these stagnant old places.

Fascinatingly, the focus on community and relationship in the Two of Cups is awakening an inner sense of direction. Collective connection is leading to personal realizations. 

In looking to others, we're uncovering a part of our own path that's eager and ready for exploring. Cue the Knight of Cups.

Again, a fun theme here is a lack of practicality and foresight. We're playing with the powerful energy of The World, so we don't need to worry about shirking our duties or causing trouble for ourselves. We can handle this and it's high time for some creative adventure.

Look to the Knight of Cups for clues as to what you want to explore. Though, in all likelihood, you won't need to do much searching. The Knights are a determined and energetic bunch. You probably have an idea about what you'd like to bring into your life right now, so don't hesitate.

The suit, however, gives us some further direction. The Knight of Cups is the ultimate romantic of tarot. So, above all, this is a time to bring the dizzying, intoxicating, and poetic energy of romance into our lives. 

Not necessarily the romance of sexuality (though, if that's on the table, do enjoy yourself!), but an overarching romance: love for the world, its many futures, the sensuality of everyday life, the fun of living life as an adventure, seeing the mythic in the mundane. 

All of these cards harmonize so beautifully that there won't be much tension in these pursuits. Give yourself all the permission to treat your life like the most engaging fantasy novel and follow what flows naturally. It's leading us towards some lovely growth and we're in good company as we travel along.