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Weekend Send-Off: Festive Winter

Okay, okay - it’s technically still fall, but it sure feels like winter to me! Especially with all the holiday preprations and events happening. Speaking of which, for those of you in the triangle area, I’ll be at the Holiday Patchwork Market this Saturday & Sunday reading tarot and selling gift certificates, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

This week has been a beautiful array of readings, mentoring sessions, and preparation for the market. I even spruced up my display and got a snazzy new tablecloth. What can I say, I’m living large.

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Weekly Forecast: July 9-15

We walk into this week on the tail of a big conclusion whose consequences haven't left us quite yet. Endings are big and take up a lot of space, both mentally and emotionally. The Ten of Swords is a powerful card that shows both the pain and relief that comes when something has run its. It may not have become what we originally dreamed it would, but leaving it behind is still bittersweet. When things end we say goodbye both to the reality that came to be and the dream we held for the future that was never realized.

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