Weekly Forecast: Nov 21-27

Cards from the  Tarot del Fuego

Cards from the Tarot del Fuego


This looks bright and beautiful, doesn't it? The cards for this week show an unabashed blooming of emotion. It’s a lovely array to see as we go into this time of celebration and coming together.

Far from being trivial, this week is a moment where we are asked to see the greater imporrance of our relationships to each other. Who says that the warm and fuzzy parts of life come without depth? How can we respect our joy, nurture it, and take it seriously?

 I went to the grocery store yesterday and it was full of families shopping. Each cart was overflowing. Some people had piles of onions, others bags of sweetened coconut. What were they going to make with these ingredients? There were mothers and daughters, young families with toddlers, elderly couples. Everyone from the neighborhood seemed to be there.

 It was a beautiful scene, and I’m still smiling thinking about all us different, tender people cooking special dinners at the same time later this week. 

These three cards here show a similar situation. All the ingredients we’ve collected are coming together. It’s going to be a big, delicious feast - a glimmering thread of connection at a time when many bonds feel stretched tight.

We begin with the Two of Cups, a card of community, warmth, and emotion. It represents a lived-in feeling that boils down to the comforting truth we sometimes forget in our day-to-day lives: Loving each other is no small miracle.

Great beauty comes from something as common as dirt. The relationships we cultivate can blossom into something beautiful. All the things we do for each other, all the little moments, are how we nourish relationships like watering the seed we’ve planted. This takes time and consideration.

Now, however, is the time of blooming. It’s not subtle. It’s gaudy and bright and unabashed. It’s time to celebrate what we have - each other.

The eight of wands, the ultimate card of action and happenings, tells us to embrace our joy this week. To show our care for each other through emphatic actions. In short, now is not a time to be stingy with our love and happiness.

Sometimes it’s easy to tamp down our enthusiasm in the name of moderation. We don’t’ want to be too loud or maybe we’re somehow afraid of inviting disaster. This feeling shows up in the somewhat apocalyptic storm raging outside of the castle in the eight of wands.

Yet when we look to the center of the castle where there are no flames or marauding bolts of lightning, we see that a heart lies buried underneath. This tells us that a solid foundation is one built on love. We cannot go wrong if we focus our energies here, instead of overextending ourselves in rickety towers.

And where does this bring us? The final card, Temperance, shows us a gorgeous vision of unity. It's not the collected, organized vision of unity we might expect. This card is not about control and certainty. It’s about being calm, centered, and an undeniable part of an unpredictable, diverse world full of beauty.  

Let’s keep Temperance in mind in the days to come. I believe that we end this reading on a major arcana card for a reason. The bustle of our lives, our routines, our relationships all have the potential to take us to a deeper place. Temperance shows us how being one with the world awakens us to our inner divinity. 

As we come together this week – visiting family, cooking, drinking, doing dishes – we elevate the everyday routines into rituals that celebrate the specialness of our love for each other. That's a world I want to be part of. 

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