Behind the Scenes: How I Do Email Readings

Cards from  Tarot del Fuego.

Cards from Tarot del Fuego.


I’ve written about email readings before. They’re the service I get the most questions about and they’re also one of my favorite ways to do tarot.

 Many people don’t realize that an insightful tarot reading is just a click away. And some are skeptical that the magic of tarot can translate over distance. While I’ve addressed these points and waxed poetic about my love of a good written reading here, I haven’t shared with you what an email reading looks like on my end.

Am I sitting in my pajamas? Am I copying and pasting from card meanings?

What a terrifying image! (Though my pajamas are cute, for the record.)

Here’s the truth: I spend the same amount of energy preparing for and conducting an email reading as I do for an in-person appointment.

So, without further ado, here’s a peek at my process.

Getting Ready

After I receive your order, I take a look at your question to see if it falls within my scope as a reader. (For more on this, see my Code of Ethics.) If everything looks peachy, I add it to the cue and start working – I’ll always send reading out within 3 business days of confirming your question.

Setting the Stage

I love waking up, making a cup of tea, and heading to my study to write email readings. I have a clear head and feel calm and focused in the mornings, and this is the energy I like to put towards tarot. I’m a sucker for ambiance and have lots of rituals to get in the best mindset: putting some zesty essential oils in my diffuser, lighting candles, and meditating to ensure I’m feeling calm and grounded. There might even be some crystals involved.

Diving In

Once I’m settled, I pull up your question and write it out on a small piece of paper. I like doing this to deepen my connection to you and what you’re seeking. l place the paper at the center of my desk and take a moment to meditate on your question until I feel ready to begin. Then I shuffle my deck (or decks) and start drawing cards.

After turning everything over, I spend a few moments taking everything in. This is the magical time when the reading starts to coalesce and speak to me. Once I’ve spent some time looking at the big picture, I start writing.

The Process

Writing out the reading is rather mysterious. I let the meanings of the cards and their relationships to each other flow as I keep your question at the forefront of my mind. I find that the process of writing allows for deep insights to come to the surface.

I like to keep this portion of the reading as uninhibited and inspired as possible - no spellcheck, no going back to make corrections. Once I’ve written everything out I’ll go over it for edits and see if anything needs elaborating or clarification.

Finishing Touches

Now the “reading” part is finished. I blow out my candles, say thanks to the cards, and start getting ready to send it off to you. I transfer the text to a beautiful template, add some extra frills, and voila! The reading is complete. I send it off and arrives as a pdf in your inbox. Now you have an insightful tarot reading you can revisit time and time again. 

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