Weekly Forecast: February 6-12

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Well, the Tarot is being delightfully cheeky in these cards this week. Looks like love is in the air in the days leading up to Valentine's. Yes, you’ve got it right, this week has us feeling zesty and romantic.

Rather than coming from a place of neediness, these cards outline the culmination to a crash-course in empowerment. There's something in it for all of us, from the hopelesss romantics to those more excited about the deeply discounted candy on the 15th. 

We’ve been practicing self-care for a while now, and as we all know, it doesn’t always come easily. But look what’s coming out of it all! The sensuality that is emerging in the next few days is springing from the most natural of sources: ourselves.

While it may be easy to dismiss pleasure and enjoyment as unnecessary or silly (particularly when it’s centered around ourselves) it’s certainly not conducive to a vibrant life. Who wants to be constantly questioning their joy? Being humble is all well and good, but not when we use it to hide our accomplishments from the world.

The Mother of Wands (aka Queen of Wands) who tells us that we’re not coasting into this week on a cloud of puffed up ego. This sense of security and confidence? It’s genuine and well-earned.

 A Queen sits on a throne that gives her a solid foundation and represents her power. Spend some time considering what your throne is made of this week. Get to know its contours and feel how stable it is. Appreciate all the hard work you’ve done to build it. This is where you are right now – where would you like to go next?

The Mother of Wands is a card that’s all about feeling yourself, with a real focus on the feeling. Now is not a time to get caught up in our heads or bogged down by practicalities. Embrace the general air of romance and you’ll find a wealth of enjoyment all around you. This can be overtly romantic or not. Just think effusive, blossoming, and pleasurable.

Yes, I’m telling you to get sensual. There’s an abundance of sexual energy in the air, so revel in it. Enjoy yourself, your partner, a delicious pastry, a decadent bath… this could go so many ways. And don’t feel the need to limit yourself! I certainly won’t.

All this confidence is building on itself to create a prime environment for coming together. Our central card is the Two of Cups, an overtly romantic card if there ever was one. Once again, however, don’t let this message leave you feeling excluded if you’re couple or simply not feeling a romantic attachment for whatever reason. In tarot and in life, romance can mean many things. At its most general, look forward to a delightful feeling of coming together and satisfaction between yourself and something (or someone) else.

We’re going to have no shortage of charisma this week. Now is a good time to appreciate and celebrate the hard work we’ve done on our own behalf. And it is definitely a time to engage with the world and be seen. This week has a great potential to forge new alliances and partnerships so get out there and show yourself off.

We end with Strength, a card that really reinforces a theme of coming into our own. Taking up the sense of stability we get from the Mother of Wands, Strength shows us that we’re actively embodying our true selves. When we put this kind of energy into the world we can attract what we need most back to us. This type of victory – our ability to enjoy our lives and ourselves – is hard won and something to be proud of.

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