A Tarot Spread for Relaxation

It’s been a while since I last posted a tarot spread here.

I’m so glad to change all that with this latest spread dedicated to relaxation, a topic that’s been on the forefront of my mind lately.

We talk so much about the importance of relaxation in our culture, maybe even more time than we actually spend relaxing! And, often, we use tarot as more of a planning or motivating tool than as an invitation to return into ourselves and our own experiences.

I invite you to use this spread when you want to sink deeper into your own self and shake off some of the stress and anxiety we accumulate in everyday life.

Because this is a mindfulness-based tarot spread, look at the cards from this lens. Avoid seeing the cards and pressure-filled to-do lists and instead see their affirming and guding qualities as they lead you towards deeper relaxation.

Click on the image for the detailed walkthrough and enjoy!