The Best Way to Read Tarot is as Your True Self

Someone once asked me at a dinner party if I acted differently when I read tarot for clients.

It took a minute for that to sink in. Differently? How?

I quickly realized that this lovely person, a math teacher, was wondering if I put on an act for my readings. You know, the classic turban and crystal ball schtick.

I could only laugh.

For those who know my personally, I do not fit the outdated stereotype of a tarot reader, fortune-teller, or psychic - at all. I’m effusive, warm, curious, and open. And I can’t read tarot any other way.

What’s more, in my many years reading and teaching tarot, I’ve found that people give the best and most insightful readings when doing them from a place of deep authenticity.

Think of it this way: could you recite a poem more comfortably using your own voice or with a theatrical stage accent?

Oftentimes, we assume we have to change or edit our personalities when trying something new. But doing so only makes things more awkward. It just doesn’t flow when you’re trying to be something you’re not, and tarot is an intuitive art that works best when we’re tapping into our personal power.

So, what is it about you that’s unique? How do you talk when you get excited about something or are speaking a deep truth?

This is different for everyone which I find infinitely beautiful. You may be more poetic, serious, goofy, scientific, or mystical. The world needs tarot readers of all stripes, so celebrate your unique perspective.

And, another fun secret: when getting readings from other pro readers, one thing is resoundingly clear - they all read as themselves, too. Each reader has a unique voice, outlook, and style. Embracing it will only make your readings better. Neglecting it will just feel awkward.

I’ve been told by many new clients that they’ve never had a reading like mine before. I love tarot so much and find each set of cards to be such an adventure that I often make exclamations when I turn them over. Like, “Ooh, this is fascinating!” or “There’s so much magic happening in your life right now!” You could say I have no chill when it comes to tarot.

If I were to try to tamp this down in the interest of appearing more serious or mystical, my clients would miss out on a huge part of my talents as a reader. I see each reading as a unique and fascinating adventure and expressing that only amplifies my insights.

Whatever facet of your reading style makes you feel alive, engaged, and deliciously you, keep at it.

It’s an intrinsic part of your tarot magic, and something to celebrate. Plus, it makes your readings all the more powerful, energetic, and intuitive.