A Tarot Spread for Relaxing, Unwinding, and Letting go of Anxiety

a spread for relaxing into your body, letting go of stress, and setting aside anxiety.

Sometimes a tarot reading is the perfect way to unwind and invite yourself into a place of deeper relaxation. This small but powerful spread is one I use to set aside my worries and relax. It’s wonderful as an end of day spread, in between different tasks to clear your head, or whenever you need a pick-me-up.

If you want to get deluxe, it goes wonderfully with some ritual flourishes: calming incense or essential oils, a cozy sweater or pillowy nook in your home. Oh, and a cup of tea while you’re at it.

However you choose to situate yourself, enter into the reading as you shuffle, putting all your concentration into the cards as they move between your hands.

Lay them out according to the positions above.

Card 1 shows you what to let go of - a worry, topic, or plan that you can gently shelve for later. Once you’ve identified the meaning in the card, kindly disinvite it from the rest of your day and move forward.

Card 2 invites you into your physical experience, telling you something you can do to connect with your body. This could show up as a practice, area that needs attention, or connection between your body and spiritual or emotional experience that’s important in this moment.

Card 3 asks you to be kind to yourself, showing you what you can offer as a gift of relaxation. Look to this card to see what self-care practice is especially important, whether it’s exercise, a delicious treat or healthy meal, time connecting with others, etc.

And, finally, Card 4 brings in a new idea, insight, or message for you in this moment. Look for the affirmation in this card and focus on its intuitive, healing meaning over the actions it represents. This is all about relaxation, after all!