Weekly Forecast: September 3-9

Tarot del Fuego Weekly Forecast Reading

This is a week full of opportunity for us if we choose to reach out and take what's being offered to us. Of course, starting with the Ace of Pentacles is a welcome beacon of potential and promise. Look at this singular, shining coin! And yet taking gifts when they're offered isn't as easy as it may seem. Many of us struggle with accepting good things. Sometimes we're afraid of the spotlight - that we look greedy or boastful - and sometimes we're afraid of growing into something bigger.

We'll be experiencing some of these tensions this week, though not in a paralyzing sense. Rather, we're in a position where we can no longer ignore the magic happening around us. We can work on editing some of these stale and limiting stories because the rewards and support in our lives are too big to ignore.

This ace is appearing to let us know that our actions to date have been accumulating a lot of goodwill and recognition, even if we've been unaware of it, lost in doubts or simply the focus of continuing along a path, one foot ahead of the other.

This is a time to examine our reflexive responses to gifts and kindness. Are we comfortable receiving attention, support, and goodwill? How adept are we at navigating the spotlight? Whether we're feeling ready for it or not, this is a moment where we can launch ourselves into a radically new phase. It's time to get going, abandon any limitations we tend to put in front of us, and let ourselves walk into ease and expansion.

Because we have two Major Arcana cards springing from the Ace of Pentacles. Both point towards expression, growth, and support. Taking a gift, gesture of support, or windfall and running with it is leading us to bigger places. 

The Hierophant lets us know that we have incredible resources to draw on. This card speaks to mentoring figures in our lives. Who in our circles or their peripheries inspires us? Who can guide us on our path and offer us sage advice as we stretch our wings? We're onto something here and reaching out to those who've been down similar roads will both add to our knowledge and help galvanize us. This week is a time to reach out and connect with the people who inspire us. 

Bringing our dreams to others is a magical way to stay accountable and dedicated to their realization. Left alone we can abandon the path and nobody would be the wiser.

And that would be a shame since The Sun, our final card, shows us walking towards a beautiful burst of self-expression. The Sun shines so brightly that we often take it for granted. It's difficult to squint into its light and see how much energy and work goes into its output. Being a beacon, living our truth, and sharing that truth with the world is a true labor of love. It's a wonderful thing to behold, but it also requires being active, present, and, in a sense, vulnerable.

We may be feeling some anxiety this week about being seen fully, our ambitions and dreams visible to all around us. Wanting things and then pursuing them means that we're putting ourselves out there. Make room for that naked feeling while focusing on the freedom that comes with it. So what if we have big dreams and are working to make them real? When we become our own suns we don't need to worry about the opinions of others or even the bumps along the road. 

Our vision for change and connection to ourselves will always be shining above any clouds.