Weekend Send-Off: Hustle & Bustle


Fall is my favorite season and I'm feeling so invigorated by the small changes creeping into our still-hot North Carolina home. The dragonflies are buzzing everywhere, leaves are juuuust starting to change, and some white cranes even made a quick stopover in our pond. I feel a little bit like an intrepid squirrel running around collecting acorns for the winter.

And there's a lot to prepare for! I'm getting married in three weeks, it's almost October aka Halloween - the busiest time of the year for a tarot reader, and I'm redesigning my website. For more info on these changes be sure to sign up for my newsletter - this upcoming one is quite epic and features my experience of The Tower in relation to my wedding (hint: it's far from the usual interpretations!) 

For those of you in the triangle who'd like a quick reading or just want to say hi (please do, I'd love to meet you!) I'll be at the Patchwork Market at Fullsteam Brewery in Durham tomorrow from 12-4. 

Otherwise, here's some of the joys and discoveries from the week, as well as a card to center and inspire our weekend.

Tarot Discoveries - "The Cadillac of Tarot Readings"

I'm always all ears when tarot great Mary K. Greer has anything to say on tarot so when she posted about this spread from Jean-Claude Flournoy I got very excited. This spread uses all of the Major Arcana and seems to be very comprehensive, indeed! I'll be trying out for myself as a treat this weekend. 

Beautiful Words - The King of Cups

I loved this piece by Sabrina Scott at Little Red Tarot: "Public feelings & dark days with the King of Cups."  It's a beautiful meditation on the power of rethinking "mastery" and feeling our emotions freely. 

Repeat Tarot Card - The Lovers

The Lovers has been popping up in its more complex iteration. What does it mean to embody love and how to we hold space for our individual selves while being in relationships with others? It has me thinking a lot about this often wished for experience and the complications that can spring from its reality.

Listening, Reading, Watching

I've been booping around a lot this week and haven't found myself with much free time to read. Such sadness! But there's a time for everything. I did, however, pick up a new tarot book from the library, Tarot Beyond the Basics by Anthony Louis. I'm really looking forward to diving into this one as it focuses on astrological correspondences and numerology. 

How about you? What has been bringing joy to your life this week? Now without further ado, the card for the weekend.

Majors 09 The Hermit.jpg

The Hermit


Message: Get cozy and tune into your deeper needs and messages. 

Embrace: Solitude, rest, regeneration.

Let Go Of: External pressures, chaotic social situations, productivity.

Guidance: Take a time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life so that you can stretch out into the experience of just being yourself. Create a sanctuary and see what insights come to the surface.