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Weekly Forecast: September 16-22

What do we really want?

This week is bringing us a wonderful sense of focus and curiosity towards our inner life. Yes, I'm talking about The Hermit, the solitary hero of the tarot. Despite their wizened look and connotations of reclusiveness (and, perhaps, eccentricity), The Hermit is an immensely charismatic character. They embody the type of authenticity that's unafraid to chart new territory or look odd. If it fits and is personally important, it's a part of who you are.

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Weekend Send-Off: Mysterious Creatures

This week has been a beautiful and strange one over here in Durham. Sometimes the air feels heavy with magic and wonder, and this has definitely been one of those times. Despite being a busy bee, I've been able to squeeze in plenty of time for individual tarot exploration and even came home from the library with a fresh haul of books. 

Below are a few of the things that have brought me joy this week (please share yours in the comments!), concluded with a special tarot draw to inspire our weekends. 

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Weekend Send-Off: Hustle & Bustle

Fall is my favorite season and I'm feeling so invigorated by the small changes creeping into our still-hot North Carolina home. The dragonflies are buzzing everywhere, leaves are juuuust starting to change, and some white cranes even made a quick stopover in our pond. I feel a little bit like an intrepid squirrel running around collecting acorns for the winter.

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