Weekend Send-Off: Mysterious Creatures

Jellyfish under the sea

This week has been a beautiful and strange one over here in Durham. Sometimes the air feels heavy with magic and wonder, and this has definitely been one of those times. Despite being a busy bee, I've been able to squeeze in plenty of time for individual tarot exploration and even came home from the library with a fresh haul of books. 

Below are a few of the things that have brought me joy this week (please share yours in the comments!), concluded with a special tarot draw to inspire our weekends. 

Tarot Discoveries - Fortune's Wheelhouse Podcast

I love listening to tarot podcasts while I bop around the house and yesterday I put on the first episode of Fortune's Wheelhouse while color coding my closet (yes, I am one of those people.) For those of you looking to dive into the esoteric meanings and correspondences behind the cards, this is the podcast for you! Touching on topics from astrology to Kabbalah to Crowley and much, much more, this podcast is hosted by two very knowledgeable readers and will give you more than enough detail behind the cards and their symbols!

Woo Drama - Pinrose's "Starter Witch Kits"

Oo wee, did people get up in arms over these on Instagram! Sephora announced the forthcoming fragrance kit - complete with a tarot deck, bundle of white sage, and rose quartz crystal - this week and let's just say it was not recieved well. (This article from The Wild Hunt gives a good rundown of the whole fiasco.) Pinrose has since cancelled the release of the kit in response to the backlash. 

Repeat Tarot Card - Judgment

I've been thinking about this card a lot lately. As the penultimate card in the Major Arcana, Judgment depicts pivotal moments, and it seems like many of us have been going through this type of experience. In particular, Judgment speaks to listening to a strong inner message, one that might be unexpected and requires us to commit to a path. Intriguing...

Listening, Reading, Watching

I've gotten back into my personal ritual of waking up before dawn and reading before the sun rises. It's my way of stretching out time and feeling connected to myself. Just this morning I started an irresistible and amazing book on octopuses (yes, that is actually the correct plural form of the word! It derives from Greek, not Latin, in case you were wondering ;) Written by naturalist Sy Montgomery, it's called The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonders of Consciousness.

And now onto our card for the weekend...

Majors 09 The Hermit.jpg

The Magician


Message: Make big plans that inspire you.

Embrace: Creativity, channeling ideas into action

Let Go Of: Ego trips, limiting thoughts

Guidance: Follow the paths that are the most alluring. Flex your artistic muscles and see how much you can do!