Grounding Techniques for Healers, Intuitives, & Highly Sensitive People

Grounding and Centering for Intuitives, Empaths, and HSPs

In the early days of my spiritual journey I remember going to an energy healer. I was still quite skeptical about all things woo and had a lot of resistance to the concept. During our first session, as she moved her hands over my body and checked my energetic systems, I remember staring at a wire tree hung with colored glass prisms thinking, "what on earth is going on right now?"

At the end of the session, however, she said something that profoundly changed my outlook and stated me on a rewarding exploration into energy work. And it was pretty strange. She said, "You're completely cut off from your legs. It's like they're not even there."

In all my questioning and skepticism I had to admit she had a point. I never thought about my legs. I felt like they were an immobile pedestal upon which my actual self was perched. I was taken aback. "What, those things down there?" I honestly started my concept of myself from the hips upwards. 

This started me off on a journey of reconnecting to my sense of groundedness. As someone who spends a lot of time thinking, I was clearly comfortable living in my head. But this got me into trouble. I was easily swept away by other people's ideas, feelings, and words. It was easy for me to lose myself since I had no connection to earth - my sense of actually, physically, being here.

For those of us who are drawn to all things intellectual, spiritual, and intuitive, grounding is an essential practice to add to our toolkit. It's an excellent form of self-care and, for those who work in healing professions, it's priceless when it comes to maintaining boundaries and doing our best work. 

Below are some of my favorite techniques for grounding that I've used over the years. I highly recommend them for anyone who finds themselves overwhelmed with emotions, energy, and sensory stimuli and wants to connect to their calm center.

My favorite grounding techniques for tarot and beyond:


1. Use Water

Engaging with water is a quick way to return your awareness to your body. In a stressful or stimulating moment, take a deep drink of water and notice how it feels running down your throat. Imagine it slowly percolating all the way down to your toes, cleansing you and returning you to the present. I like to keep a glass of water next to me during all my sessions so I can reset as needed and deepen my awareness. Added bonus? You'll be wonderfully hydrated.

Water can also be used after a healing session, difficult conversation, or stimulating event. This can be via a cleansing shower or bath or, more simply, washing your hands. At the end of each tarot session I like to wash my hands deliberately, picturing all the energies I've experienced being rinsed away.

I finish by making the shape of a triangle with my hands, joining the thumbs and pointer fingers of each hand around the stream of water from the faucet. I picture the water rushing up through the space around me. Whether you think of this as your aura, energetic field, or simply the air surrounding you makes no difference. It's a uniquely energizing way to clear and ground yourself before jumping back into the world. 

2. Touch some dirt!

You can ground yourself by touching the ground? Who would've thought! 

Interacting with the earth is a classic technique for a reason. It reconnects us with our physical being and the solidity of the world we inhabit. Simply make some time to walk around outside barefoot, preferably on some soft grass. Spend time gardening or tending to plants, allowing your stress to fall into the background and dissipate. 

Rocks and crystals are also excellent ways to get in touch with the ground. Carry one with you and hold it when you feel overwhelmed, overstimulated, or as if you're drifting away from your center. Imagine the stone absorbing all this energy. Afterwards you can recharge the stone by placing it outside in the sunlight or moonlight or simply on top of the ground itself. 

3. Visualize

There are many methods of using visualization to become grounded ranging from meditation to spellwork. Have fun researching them and asking around. Almost everyone has special tricks up their sleeves.

My favorite method is to visualize a stream of water exiting at the base of my spine. I picture all the energies I'm experiencing flow through me and then exit through the stream.  We often "hold our breath" energetically, allowing emotions, thoughts, and more to accumulate and build pressure. Simply turning on the tap is a surprisingly powerful way to keep yourself present and free of stress or buildup.

4. Focus on the Feet!

...and legs, and pelvis, and tailbone. You get the gist. Bringing awareness to our lower bodies is amazingly effective (take this from someone who avoided doing so for most of their early life!) 

If you find yourself drifting off, becoming stressed, or too deeply entrenched in another person's energy, think about your feet. Flex your toes, activate the muscles in your legs, and notice the points of your behind touching the chair if you're seated. I even like to kick off my shoes when I give readings.

Like the example above, it can be helpful to visualize energy entering and leaving your body from the soles of your feet. Think of the energy flowing with your breath and expand into all the corners of your body.

5. Get Moving

Think of it like shaking off excess energy. Go for a quick walk, do a little dance, or simply wave your arms and hands around as if flicking off something. 

Squats are an especially effective way to ground oneself, awakening our entire lower body and giving a satisfying sense of truly being here. And don't worry if you're unable or unwilling to do something epic. A quick gesture can be powerful as well. Imagine throwing off the energy, angst, or stress with whichever movement you choose. 


What about you? What techniques do you use to ground yourself? How have you found it useful? Please share in the comments below!