Weekly Forecast: September 16-22

Three Card reading cbd marseille the hermit six of wands the lovers

What do we really want?

This week is bringing us a wonderful sense of focus and curiosity towards our inner life. Yes, I'm talking about The Hermit, the solitary hero of the tarot. Despite their wizened look and connotations of reclusiveness (and, perhaps, eccentricity), The Hermit is an immensely charismatic character. They embody the type of authenticity that's unafraid to chart new territory or look odd. If it fits and is personally important, it's a part of who you are.

At least that's what The Hermit teaches us.

Practicing this brave inner-alignment can be a challenge in the wider world. There are so many choices we need to make at any given time, from the relentless minutiae of everyday life to the bigger, crossroads-style choices that mark major life chapters. How can we keep grounded in ourselves amidst all this pressure?

Having The Lovers at our right points us in the direction of the "major life chapter" type of choice this week, which makes it all the more important to keep the small choices from adding up to serious fatigue. We need our energy, so it's essential that we say no to what doesn't matter, paving way for what's essential in the larger scheme of things. For The Hermit, this is not an issue; they're used to turning their back on anything that's a waste of time or energy with impressive ease.

Our reading is encouraging us to give ourselves plenty of time to think and regroup as we deliberate our next steps. Yet this isn't a slinking, cowardly retreat or procrastination. It's a wonderful, energizingly rebellious stand against our busy culture. We can stake out personal territory to think and feel things through, popular opinion be damned.

In the center of our reading we have the Six of Wands, a card that tells us we're doing this all in the service of our success. In other words, we're being smart here! So let's have fun with the time we can give ourselves; let's take our own counsel seriously.

With this in mind, The Hermit seems to be pointing to parts of ourselves that need integrating. Are there needs, preferences, or personality traits that we can celebrate instead of try to cure or fix? Are there some things we can just accept and love about ourselves instead of trying to change? Look to areas where you felt different, shunned, or shamed - how can you stand up for yourself and give yourself the uncompromising acceptance of The Hermit?

In fact, these parts may be the deciding factors in navigating this upcoming choice successfully. And I don't mean in an external, societally-approved way. Rather, embracing our weirdness may be the key to finding the right option that will lift us up in the long run.