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We're All Creative Creatures

“I’m just not a very creative person…”

How many times have I heard this phrase, both inside and outside of my tarot studio? It seems that most of us have a strictly “paintbrushes and poems” vision of the creative process. If we’re not engaged in the arts of music, painting, photography, etc. well, we’re just not creative.

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Weekly Forecast: September 3-9

This is a week full of opportunity for us if we choose to reach out and take what's being offered to us. Of course, starting with the Ace of Pentacles is a welcome beacon of potential and promise. Look at this singular, shining coin! And yet taking gifts when they're offered isn't as easy as it may seem. Many of us struggle with accepting good things. Sometimes we're afraid of the spotlight - that we look greedy or boastful - and sometimes we're afraid of growing into something bigger.

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Weekly Forecast: June 11-17

This week is brimming with hearty, enthusiastic energy, my peaches. We have the direct spelndor of The Sun, followed by the rich satisfaction and tenderness of the Queen of Wands. Things are unfolding beautifully and, in addition to being able to run forward with mindful enthusiasm, we're also being wise enough to take quieter moments to tend to ourselves and the ones we love. Take a moment right now to congratulate yourself. It's easy to overlook this step when things are going well; let's not miss this opportunity today.

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Weekly Forecast: April 30 - May 6

In tarot, the Pages embody the eager seekers within us. When we're younger we inhabit the Pages' energies almost constantly. The world is new along with everything in it. Because of this association, it's easy to look at the positivity and fascination of this group of cards with a hint of benevolent condescension. "Look, how cute! We're being energized by something new!" 

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Tarot and the Erotic: Sexuality in the Cards

Tarot can sometimes seem like a chaste affair, especially in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck where the nude figures are either presented as archetypes (The Lovers) or in solitary introspection (The Star). 

A quick look at other decks like the deliciously cheeky and bawdy Eros Tarot by Uusi or the wonderfully sex-positive and diverse Slutist Tarot shows us that sex does have a presence in the cards after all. Yes, things can get spicy when you're reading tarot!

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