Weekly Forecast: December 4-10

Rider Waite Smith Three Card Tarot Reading

How do we look at the world and our part in it?

This week gives us a fascinating opportunity to reassesss our outlook. We're entering into things feeling a bit prickly and restless. The landscape stretching out before us seems rough around the edges and we're approaching it with trepidation and distrust. Perhaps something in the past is making us feel wary today; a memory of a hurtful situation that's reminiscent of our current surroundings. 

But things aren't what they seem. It's quite the opposite, in fact. Armed with our discerning minds we're attempting to stave off vulerability because, in our heart of hearts, we know something new and exciting is happening. Rather than lean into it, our first instinct is to protect and withdraw. Look at the windswept wariness of the Five of Swords. Surveying a cloudy beach, the central figure holds three swords, having just vanquished two figures turning away mournfully to the ocean.

We're starting off with the distrustful energy of the Five of Swords and yet the other two cards in our reading, The Seven of Pentacles and The Sun, paint an entirely differnt pictue. Instead of desolate, grey beaches we have light and bright skies. Instead of smirking at a temporary victory, we have calm satisfaction and effervescent joy. 

In a sense, we're seeing the world through some very dark sunglasses, an idea or worldview that we've inherited instead of earned or created for ourselves. We might think they make us look cool and mysterious, but they actually darken our view of things, limiting our ability to see situations as the are.

Our first instinct is to see our situation as dire - we need to use our minds, thoughts, and actions to defend our turf from others. In reality, however, we're more like the content farmer in the Seven of Pentacles. There's no one circling us, hoping to make off with our bounty. Instead, we're given the opportunity to relax and take in the fruits of our labors. Why would we choose anything else?

The Five of Swords and the Seven of Pentacles ask us to engage with our tendencies to see the world as an inherently competitive place. What do we gain from this? Is it a sense of urgency and importance? The ability to hide our pride in our hard work behind struggle and drama?

This cards for this week ask us to be brave and let our skills and accomplishments just be: just be worthy of our pride, worthy of acknowledgment from others, and worthy of celebration. Doing so allows us to blossom into clearer and more joyful people, ready to enter into all aspects of life as full expressions of ourselves, uninhibited by self-doubt and negative thinking. 

Yes, this can be scary. We don't have the excuse of busying ourselves in protective battles agaisnt nefarious assailants. Instead, we're just in a blossoming garden of our own making. And we can see ourselves as The Sun whose light allows all our ideas, plans, and visions to grow and flourish.