Weekly Forecast: May 28-June 3

Jonasa Jaus Tarot Three of Wands The Tower Six of Cups

We have the charismatic ease of the Wands at our backs as we enter into this week. The Six is a particularly encouraging card, one that points to the happy rush of an achievement. Hard work is paying off, bringing us to a moment where we're being seen for all that we do.

Whenever the Six of Wands shows up it directs us towards joining in on the celebration of our own achievements. All the cheering in the world means nothing if we can't join in ourselves. It takes courage to see ourselves riding confidently on a horse, laurel wreaths held high like the main figure in this card. But here we are. Moving forward and being seen as go-getters, visionaries, and creators. 

And where are we headed? The Hierophant is an arresting card to have facing out at us from the center of this reading. The energy and enthusiasm of the Six of Wands isn't as superficial as we might think. Something about our recent ventures is tapping into a deeper side of ourselves. The Hierophant is a teacher and keeper of secrets. Though they are sometimes buried under all the overt religious symbolism in the card, The Hierophant can be further distilled into a representation of inner truths being respected, amplified, and directed outwards.

This card is asking us to consider what we're taking more seriously in our lives. How has all the action and movement of the Six of Wands been changing our beliefs? Or, from another angle, how have our actions lately been reflecting a cherished value or cause? In this reading, the impulsive nature of the wands is acting as a helpful catalyst. We're finding ourselves already embodying something important that may even be making us feel a little frightened and exposed.

I say this because our final card, the Four of Pentacles, takes the forward moving expansion of the Six of Wands and the solemn sacredness of The Hierophant and tries to reign it in through practicality. Just look at the change in body language. Proud movement and celebration arriving at regal presence and presentation and then... clinging?

Why interrupt our parade towards deeper understanding with restrictive behavior? The suit of pentacles deals with everyday life, stability, and practicality. On one hand, a great deal of magic and meaning can be found here, but in this reading we have the Four, a card that illustrates the act of hiding behind duty, conservatism, and common sense. We're experiencing expansion and somehow seeing danger. So we're being tempted to shut down, to bury our burgeoning ideas and changing selves under the guise of being extra-responsible, together adults.

This energy is classic self-limitation. Rather than own the power of The Hierophant - choosing to enshrine what's really important to us (and to broadcast the magic and satisfaction we find in life) - we're pretending to choose another path out of practicality. It's like saying you'd love to go on an adventurous vacation, but just can't find someone to watch your dog. Or hiding behind work responsibilities when you get invited to try something new. Of course we can pull strings and make things happen. It's just easier to look responsible and hard-working instead of admitting we're afraid to try something new. 

This week we have the opportunity to see this pattern with fresh eyes. The Six of Wands comes with its own clearing energy, after all. The parade towards a richer life can continue ahead with some quick detours - we don't have to stay in the Four of Pentacles indeterminately. And with the powerful Hierophant in the center we can't avoid what really matters for long. 

The news here is good. Our ideas and beliefs matter and we're already  putting them into action. Now is our time to practice standing strong in who we are and letting ourselves commit and invest in what gives our life meaning. We don't need to use our responsibilities as a smokescreen. We can just look to the starts and trust that our feet will stay firmly planted on the ground.