When Daily Draws Just Don't Feel Right

Tarot Daily Draw The Lovers

Look around any corner of that tarot-blogosphere and you'll immediately find information about daily draws. Select a card a day, let it reveal its wisdom, guide your actions, or simply inspire you. Sounds delightful, right?

Daily draws can be a lovely component to your tarot practice. I've found that some people, however, just don't resonate with this practice. And I'm one of them.

For me, reading tarot is an immersive experience. When I read for myself, I like to let the cards sit with me for longer periods of time. I might have a card sitting on my altar for months, or a reading resting on my windowsill for a week or too. I guess you could say that my tarot metabolism is slow!

Any tarot practice or exercise should affirm and nurture your relationship to the cards. That's to say, don't worry if something doesn't resonate with you. You're by no means behind the curve or neglecting your practice if you're not doing daily draws. In this culture of constant comparison, it's easy to feel less than. Don't let your tarot experiences be one of them!

Plus, there are a myriad of ways to interact with the cards regularly, regardless of whether you're physically drawing one each day or not. Simply holding past readings in your mind, looking for parallels as you go about your daily life, or seeing the cards in other people are equally enriching practices you can do whenever and wherever you'd like.

As I explored in this post, even taking a break from reading tarot can add to your skills as a reader. Tarot is a big, beautiful system for understanding the world and the ways of working with it are similarly expansive and diverse. Follow your instincts as you develop your practice. Allow for changes, experiments, and rituals. Who knows, one day daily draws might emerge as a lovely part of your pursuits.

How about you? What are your thoughts on daily draws? What are ways that you like to work with tarot?