Weekly Forecast: June 4-10

Jonasa Jaus Tarot Three of Wands The Tower Six of Cups

I won't lie, I may have been hoping for a less-intense reading this week after having my favorite card, Death, make an appearance two weeks in a row. Yes, that energy is transformative and powerful, but it's also pretty heady!

This week reminds me of a nonsensical t-shirt I once bought in Thailand that said "Same, Same, But Different" across the front. This week we have a similar energy - the desire and need for change - but it's manifesting in a different way. Or, should I say, through a different path.

Luckily for us, this path is much more grounded and practical. Our reading is centered around the Three of Pentacles, a card with no shortage of vision, support, and action. In many ways, I see this reading as a continuation of those before. This week, however, we're emerging from the experience of Death and into the action of living. In other words, we got taken along on a turbulent, profound ride and now we're stepping off, ready to explore and commit ourselves to this new landscape.

The Three of Pentacles is all about creativity and building. This is a time to plan and collaborate with like-minded others. Who are our allies? Who shares our vision and drive? Who do we trust to create something meaningful with? These are not small questions, but luckily we have the almost brutal perceptiveness of the Page of Swords on our side.

Sure, this Page is showing us that we don't quite have our sea legs when it comes to this new venture, but we have plenty of chutzpah, verve, and curiosity to start us on our journey. Most importantly, this page illustrates the unvarnished perceptiveness of youth. I'm picturing the someimes-terrifying honesty of children. You know the moments when a young child makes a harsh but true observation with no shame whatsoever? (I'm reminded of a time when I allegedly looked up at my mother, gazed deeply into her nostrils, and shouted, "It looks like you have spiders in your nose!") 

I'm not advising that we run around shouting harsh truths at people with wild abandon. What I am saying is that we have the ability to make clear observations of others right now, and from these we can easily discern people's motives and the role we'd like to give them in our life. So trust your perceptions as they come to you and chose your team accordingly. 

What I love most about the Three of Pentacles is that is shows us how important collaboration is to the creative process. This is not a time to go it alone, but rather one to find your dream team and dive into the infectious energy of planning together. And Death, our central card from the last two weeks, gives us a helpful hint: Who do we see heeding the meaningful and challenging transition of Death? Whose growth inspires us? Our people are the ones who have shared some aspect of our struggles and have used those experinces to grow.

And what's this in the distance? Another mild and mellow tarot card? Well, not exactly. Judgment concludes our reading with a nice burst of trumpeting fanfare. We can expect an important revelation later in the week, one that will tell us about the path we're on. Is it working towards our highest good or backsliding into old patterns? Either way, the message won't be subtle, and it'll be just what we need to hear.

In a way, Judgment is a welcome sign that the experimental building we're beginning right now will garner quick feedback and input. Our burgeoning Page of Swords energy is also attuned to this frequency and we can look at this connection as a healthy dialog between our questioning selves and our higher calling. We have plenty of light-footed, perceptive energy available to us right now to adjust our path and tweak our direction. Now is our time to plan and plot, thinking big with our supporters and co-conspirators, while remaining open to feedback from larger sources.